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Did You Know? Our Services & More

Northwoods Pets in Rhinelander isn’t just live small pets, aquatics, and supplies! We offer much more.

Northwoods Pets offers educational presentations to libraries, schools, daycares and other programs in the area. Our presentations range from book readings to live animal interactions and everything in between. Our programs are free and always kid friendly. See more here and contact us at !

We take in surrendered animals, get them back up to health and find them new homes. We believe every animal, whether fuzzy or scaley, deserves the best care, housing and life possible. Though we are not veterinarians, our knowledgeable team members have successfully rehabbed several different species of animals. Though sometimes hard and even heartbreaking, the rewards of saving an animal’s life and then finding it a new and loving home are worth more to us than words can describe.

We care about your health and your animal’s needs, so we offer curbside pick-up.  You can call us with a list of the things you need and pay for them over the phone or have a team member take the payment when you arrive for pick up.

Northwoods pets can customize an enclosure for your new or established pets or give you a one-on-one shopping experience with a knowledgeable team member. You can come into the store or call ahead and discuss your ideas, the type of animal you want and your budget to create a custom enclosure without all the stress.

If you are having issues with your fish tank, we do water testing for a minimal charge. We also sell carbon filtered water by the gallon to help ensure the health of your tank. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with tips and tricks to help cycle your tank or get it back up to the parameters your fish need to be happy and healthy.

Want to give someone the perfect gift? Look no further! We Have gift cards. No minimum on the amount, reloadable and no expiration dates.

We honor and respect our Veterans and Seniors with discounts. Seniors get a 10% discount on Tuesdays and our Veterans can take advantage of a 10% discount every day.

Along with these amazing discounts we have other reward programs like Astro that offer an adoption program for several different types of pets that includes free products, along with our in house rewards program that lets you build points for money off on future purchases.

Northwoods Pets has sister pages on Facebook! Northwoods Pets Fins & Scales for our fish and reptile lovers, Northwoods Pets Feathers & Fur for our bird and furry pet lovers.